Our 2012/13 free dance music…

First of all, we want to thank Daphne Backman for all the hard work and creativity she has offered
in developing our new website. We wouldn’t have the opportunity to share our thoughts and progress
throughout the season without her expertise.

This year, as always, we spent many hours searching for music. We continue to strive for unique pieces
that we have a strong emotional connection to. This artist is someone we’ve imagined ourselves skating
to for a while now. As her popularity grew, we searched for other options, but none of these new ideas
impacted us in the same way as her songs. We believe she will become a legend and hope that our program
will be remembered. We want to take this opportunity to announce that we will be skating to Adele’s “Turning
Tables” and “Rumour Has It” for free dance. Short dance is still up in the air, but we have a few options that we
are equally as excited about. Stay tuned…

Lynn & Logan